The monstrous idea of the Diamond Planet (“55 Cancri e”)

By Åsa Maria Bengtsson

lampaThe 9 m high chandelier is made of light, brass and crystal. It makes shadows on the surrounding walls.

The work is about energy of course. We are using so much of it, that it decreases constantly. The consequence is that we have to find other places to explore. In that sense it also says something about the countryside versus the city, how people move to where they think they´ll find the greatest opportunities, the diamonds. The mill used to be a place for producing energy (food) and has now lost that purpose.


The chandelier hangs from the ceiling on a chain and hangs down 9 m. The electric cord follows the chain upwards and is connected to the electricity (220V) at the end.

Born in 1956, grew up in Östersund. Lives and works in Malmö. Educated at the School Graphics Forum in Malmö 1982-1987. Works in many different techniques, video/film, sound, photography, sculpture, lighting, installations and public works. In her art, she deals with themes concerning nature, the environment and human identity.