A Soundart EP

By Bent Bøgedal Christoffersen


Bent has made a recording of his sound installation at the mill.

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I hear You Dear Mölla

By Bent Bøgedal Christoffersen




Sounds collected from Kulturmöllan will be processed in a computer and used as an Instrument played Live . The collection is an ongoing process and will change during the time of the exhibition and the content and spirit off the Work itself will be improvised and as spontaneous as possible, trying to catch the atmosphere and mood of the Dear Mölla.

As the work progresses there might be pictures, video art and I might find an instrument in the pile of junk in the Kulturmölla.

Contemporary Sound Artist, Musician, Composer, Soundpainter and Sculptor.
Graduated from Fröbel Highschool 1975 as a social educator with Drama as my main subject, I am a child and family Therapist graduated from the Martin Krichenbaum Institute.

My focus right now is experimental electronic and improvised Soundart and Live Performence and Soundpainting.