Tethered noise – mill version

By Bjørn Wangen

robotic-drawingMy work is characterized by an interest in transience and invisibility, capabilities of the dysfunctional and how space, body and matter relate to the questions of site. As a measurement of time and its own range, a robotic object is rolling about on a big sheet of paper on the mill floor. Equipped with graphite pens and tethered by an electric cord it will generate a circular drawing on the sheet, a drawing which will develop troughout the whole exhibition period. The robot’s movements will strive for noise and decay and at the same time shape the circle. The work is dependent on chance – I hope for an interesting result but there is no certain outcome from the robot’s actions. The only thing I can do is to stop the machine when I think it has made a masterpiece. Therefore I go away.

A sheet of white paper – approx 2,5 by 2,5 meters. Robotic object, metal, electronics, wire from ceiling. The robot will make noise when it rolls about on the wooden floor.

Visual artist, lives and works in Malmö.