By Ursula Endlicher

html_wood_instrumnet1cHTMLinstrument is an Internet art piece that uses the HTML code of the Triennial’s Website – – as score, implementing the exhibition’s representation on the Web into the physical context of the mill itself.

Contemplative, playful, and slightly absurd, HTMLinstrument invites the audience to pluck a virtual wooden string instrument, which changes shape for different HTML tags that appear in the source code of the exhibit’s Website.

HTML tags such as HTML, HEAD, or META are “tuned” in German music notation of C-D-E-F-G-A-H-C, using these keys for interpreting individual letters of the tags. Letters that are not covered within this scale are translated into different themes.

Inspired by the wooden and spatial structure built for its (former) functionality as a flour mill, HTMLinstrument consists of a variety of virtual wooden shapes and tunes representing HTML tags and their different functions on the Web.

HTMLinstrument is embedded within the mill’s walls; round openings in the wall show the monitor (that displays the “instrument”) and the speakers. The instrument will be played using a wooden mouse. HTMLinstrument needs an Internet connection.

Ursula Endlicher’s work resides on the intersection of Internet, performance and multi-media installation. She translates the structural components of code and networks into choreographies for performances, installations and objects. Her work is shown internationally, most recently on, with Streaming Museum, at ZERO1 Biennial, at ISEA, and at Transmediale; and previously at SIGGRAPH, Postmasters Gallery, and at CCA Ujazdowski Castle. Born in Vienna, she lives in New York since two decades.