Inside the Mill

By Angela Fraleigh & Johanna Kindvall & Marek Walczak & Wes Heiss

ourpieceInside the Mill takes moments in a Swedish Fairy Tale and locates the text inside the walls of the Mill. These frozen set pieces address universal values like greed, avarice and war and relates them to both historical artworks that depict patronage, usury and heroic battles, as well as contemporary icons such as the ATM machine, the 3D printer & drones.



A selection of optical, analog and digital apparatus are poked through the walls of the mill, revealing different tangents of a universal story, depicted as cutouts, figurines, real-time video and slides.

Angela Fraleigh is a painter who is interested in how narrative is created, sustained and often idealized.
Johanna Kindvall is an illustrator who likes to tell stories.
Wes Heiss is a visual artist and designer whose work explores humanities relationship with technology.
Marek Walczak is a new media artist creating public and private spectacles merging his interests in architecture and perception.
Recently Marek & Wes completed a public art work  in 14th Street, Denver consisting of a series of optical instruments merging past and present views.