Almost Everywhere

By Wes Heiss

WH_AE_chrisUsing the antiquated technology of ‘speaking tubes’ this piece playfully collapses the mill’s interior and exterior soundscapes.





Almost Everywhere consists of a network of tubes routed through existing interior and exterior holes left by previous renovations to the mill. These tubes gather at one end in a listening station located outside the building and at the other end distributed near sound installations inside the mill. Tin cans attached to the ends of the tubes allow you to put your ear up to the piece and hear a selection of artworks in real time.

Wes Heiss is a visual artist and designer whose work explores humanities relationship with technology. He teaches Product design at Lehigh University, has a collaborative public art practice with Marek Walczak, and exhibits work internationally. He has won an Artadia grant, a PCA Grant, and residencies at the MacDowell Colony, Skowhegan, Roswell AiR, and the Bemis Center.