Moulin Verte

By Christina Bredahl & Lena Ignestam

lena_christina_new_imageFor the exhibition, we want to present a larger joint contextual work-Moulin Verte (The Green Mill) – a 3-dimensional drawing in motion, made in pop-up technique.

Based on the Mill and related to the exhibition title, we imagine creating a folded conceptual miniature model of The Mill, its elements and the surroundings . When the work is activated (played) by the spectator, it unfolds as an accordion, and a distinct sounds recorded on site, emerges in a new form as soundsampling, as a melody coming from within the 3d drawing.
We will also participate with a limited edition of multipels, Moulin Verte -popupcards with sounds for the shop.

The piece is installed on in a larger monter/ table, with hidden mechanics, speakers and software inside. Our help with the technique Erik Pilesjö works with special effects at Malmö Opera Studios.
We will go to the Mill soon, to collect all the necessary information and recordings, and to do sketches, to build our piece.The size of the Moulin Verte when its open is A2 + surronding table.
We send example on earlier popup-works, see also our websites.


We are two artists, Lena Ignestam (SE) and Christina Bredahl Duelund (DK), both working with animation, drawing and sculpture. We have done a number of collaborations together. For some time we have been working with the idea of the folding,and have done a series of works in 3d-pop up technique. &